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Maria Wade

The year 2001 was the last time songwriter and performer Maria WadeOpenMic.US - Girls of Open Mic worked a “normal” job. Since then, she’s devoted her life full-time to music. All the better for fans of rock-n-roll. Music is the love of her life and being able to focus her energies on her songs has given her free rein to funnel her passion into her songwriting, the result being colorful, emotionally rich music. “It’s hard for me to describe how music makes me feel,” says Wade. “It is a way of life for me, my religion, if you will.”

“Who I Am”

 When Wade’s in the throes of songwriting, the line blurs between artist and creation. Her music pours so directly from her heart that the distinction between what she feels and the musical expression thereof begins to fade. It’s only right she be able to make music for a living. Everybody aches to say who they are and everybody does it differently. For Wade, it’s her music and her style of making the music that is her path. “Music is the main vehicle I use to communicate who I truly am.” And any doubt as to the emotive strength of Wade’s music is dispelled by the words of a fan without hearing. “My favorite comment ever made to me was by a deaf woman who used to frequent my shows at a place called Big Shots that is now closed,” shares Wade. “She told me she could feel me when I sing.”

Passion and Personality

For Wade, that was a big signal from the universe that she was doing what she set out to do. Her self was being conveyed through aural emotional stimuli to the audience. She was communicating and she continues to communicate every chance she gets, in the way she knows and loves best. “If I can make someone feel an emotion and not just hear me, then I have shared how music makes me feel to this world.”The Artist at Work

Wade takes the stage three to five times a week and has done so since her entrance into full-time music in 2001. She does from 200 to 300 shows per year. “In 2005, I sang 325 days.” Not infrequently, Wade performs multiple times a day and has played up to a month-and-a-half straight without a day of rest. She is planning national – maybe even international – touring in the near future. If you ever felt a beating heart through the sense of your hearing, then you can understand the power of Maria Wade’s music.” – A&R Select

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