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LP Aspire Cajon

The LP Aspire Cajon 

by CraverVisit LP's Website!

The LP Aspire Cajon is a hybrid percussion instrument like no other.  Its' unassuming appearance masks the musical power contained within.

We brought the Cajon out to eight different open mics.  After talking with the may musicians that took the Cajon for a 'test-drive,' we think this baby is a 'keeper!' 

You play the Cajon by sitting on it and beating on the front and sides.  The front/top emmits a great tone that's similar to that of a classic snare drum.  If you hit the front panel lower/center, you get a bass drum sound.  The side panels sound similar to bongos.

At the open mics, we put an EV PL80a mic in the back 'sound hole.'  We didn't have any feedback problems.  The percussive sounds that came through the sound system were amazing. 

Conclusion:  The LP Aspire Cajon is a great percussion/drum alternative for gigs or open mics with small space constraints.  It provides a variety of great sounds and it's a lot of fun to play.


Front Panel Front ply hardwood playing surface
Side Panels Solid hardwood body with a textured seating surface
Legs Large rubber feet keep the cajon in place during play
Sound Internal snare wires are adjustable allowing for a traditional Flemenco sound and rich bass tones
MSRP $159
Street Price $109